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One Heart 2.0!

Change is difficult, but if there's anything we've learned in leadership it's that if you aren't moving forward (changing, growing) you're stagnant and bound for a downward spiral.

Focused Energy

Last Fall the One Heart Core Team took to the drawing board to revamp our full-time intern program. We spent hours in conference rooms laying out all we do. Weighing everything...and I mean, ev-er-y-thing. Praying. Letting go and adding things with our VISION and PURPOSE in mind.

What Now?

We started a new session in January. Perfect timing, right? New Year, New Warrior. All those meetings mean nothing if we don't actually DO something. What's keeping you from reaching your vision? What one thing can you start doing to get you closer to your purpose?

One day, one step at a time. Let's do it together!

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