Who We Are

December 16, 2016

Often we're asked what is it we do in One Heart Warriors. Although, it shouldn't be so much about what we do as it is about who we are becoming God uses the things we do to make us into who He created us to be. 




One Heart Warriors gives us the focused time to build our foundations in five key areas: physical, spiritual, mental, relational, and financial.





We work out 4-6 times a week and eat as close to natural as possible. 

We choose to say no to our wants and desires every day. We work out even if we don't want to. We don't eat junk food even though we really want to. But before you know it, you've grown accustomed to living healthy. 

Not only that but how often do we deny ourselves or delay gratification? Every good thing takes time and endurance to gain.

We're becoming those who will wait for the best and finish this life well. 







As Warriors we especially value this part of the program.

We read The Bible daily, pray individually and corporately, watch and listen to teachings weekly, and memorize scripture. On top of that we cut down on anything that doesn't point us toward God.  

It's said you are what you eat; this is also true of what you hear and see. 

We're doing this because we want to know God and His ways. Hopefully, by knowing Him we'll be refined to be more like Him.

We're becoming disciples; disciplined followers of Jesus Christ.






With everything we do there's a mental pressure because of the intensity of the program. If you want different results then you do things differently. Albert Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." 


So our thinking is challenged. Our ways are tested. Our will is put on the altar. We're put into the Refiner's fire and come out with clearer thinking and truer ways. We're becoming those who go against the grain and allow our lives to be excruciatingly examined. 


We push ourselves and each other past our assumed limits. 

There's this invisible wall you crash through when you exceed what you thought was your stopping point. It's hard and every part of you says it's okay to quit, but when you keep going, you realize nothing is impossible. Taking one more step, then one more, and before you know it you've gone a mile past your "limit". It may not be a mile right away, but you will get there if you don't give up. 


We become individuals who won't quit even in the face of adversity.


 We ran a 5k. It was the first for some of us.







We dorm together in the Faith Chapel intern housing. 

If you've ever lived with roommates you understand the challenges of navigating different personalities, preferences, and pasts. 

We're learning to love others as ourselves; to live with one another in understanding and patience. 

Most of us are learning how to deal with conflict in a healthy way since we hadn't learned that coming from broken families. 

We're becoming better brothers, sisters, and friends.

 We spent Thanksgiving Day together! We each contributed by cooking a dish for dinner.








We learn basic financial skills, but many times these truths were never taught or displayed to us.

So we're definitely learning a lot. The most difficult part is establishing them in our own lives.

We graduated from Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. 

We're becoming good stewards so that we can in turn be a blessing to others. 

We want to glorify God with what He's entrusted to us. Yes, that spans far beyond money, but it definitely includes our finances.





We aren't expected to have it all together by the time we graduate from the program, but we are expected to have a firm foundation. 


We are One Heart Warriors.





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