Finishing Well

March 3, 2017



Abraham Lincoln once said, "I may not go very fast, but I never stop." 


It doesn't take much to start. It's exciting, new, different, but it takes a whole lot to finish and to finish well at that. 


This session we celebrate two extraordinary Warriors, Sarah Bull Chief and Seth Yazzie. 


They are finishing their last session of One Heart Warriors. 


They endured early morning workouts, strict diets, countless hours of homework, the inevitable stretching of the mind and soul, and are finishing far better off than when they started. 


The Bible tells us that before we start something we should sit down and count the cost so that half way through the project we're not surprised by the total cost and in humiliation have to stop. 


Whether Seth and Sarah fully knew what they were getting in to they chose to keep pressing on. Pressing on past the moments when things seemed too hard or the cost too great. 


The total cost being all that they were; their perceptions, their will, their desires, all of themselves so that God could come in and build or rebuild their foundation. 


Well done, Seth & Sarah!


Here's a recap of this session.

 Service Projects every Saturday to help the community.

 Watching sermons together weekly plus additional studies.

 Family time celebrating birthdays.

Doing activities together such as rock climbing...

 and cooking classes!


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